The 2010 (revised 2013) version of Part F of the building regulations, details the specifications required for extractor fans in domestic premises.  It also specifies when and how to do airflow tests, and that (under most circumstances) a Commissioning Notice is required.

A Commissioning Notice, also known as a Part F notice or PEATA Certificate, is a required document for all mechanical ventilation systems “where they can be tested and adjusted”. That means any extractor fan with an adjustable overrun timer, or any other means of adjustment. In new dwellings, a Flow Rate Test is also required – see our “What is a Flow Rate Test” article for more information on this. The Commissioning Notice must give details about exactly what ventilation installed, and how it was set up. The Commissioning Notice then needs to be given to the Building Inspector.

As well as the Commissioning Notice which goes to the Building Inspector, you also have to provide an information pack to the owner – not just the manufacturer’s instructions!

PEATA members have Commissioning Notices created automatically for their installs using our members-only web app.

For more information on Commissioning Notices and other aspects of Part F, see our easy online training course.