For a limited time only, we’re offering ONE FREE HIRE of a vane anemometer – the professional test equipment you need to measure airflow and certify your domestic extraction fan install for Part F compliance.

What is a vane anemometer?

A vane anemometer is used for measuring airflow rates through extraction fans. In combination with a measuring cone or funnel set it can measure air velocity and volumetric flow rates through air grilles in residential buildings. It can be used to measure air speed and airflow rates for Part F compliance in bathroom extractor fans, kitchen extraction fans, cooker hoods, and utility room extractors. The most common size is a 100mm diameter vane anemometer such as the testo 417.

What are the benefits of a vane anemometer?

  • Compact anemometer with integrated 100 mm vane
  • For measuring air flow, volumetric flow rate and temperature
  • Ideal for carrying out measurements at air inlets and outlets
  • For carrying out measurements at disk valves, ventilation grilles and ceiling diffusers using optionally available accessories

The testo 417 vane anemometer allows you to carry out quick and precise measurements at air inlets and outlets. The easy-to-read display shows air flow speed and direction as well as volumetric flow rate and temperature. The meter can also calculate the mean time value, average value and minimum and maximum value at the touch of a key.

How Your FREE vane anemometer hire works?

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  4. We take card details as a security deposit – this will be refunded when you return the equipment. You will also need to pay for the postage total of £16.
  5. We send you the vane anemometer securely packaged via UPS
  6. You collect it from one of the UPS Access Points – a local newsagent, petrol station, or shop. There are thousands all over the country, so there will be one near you.
  7. The vane anemometer is yours for 48 hours – plenty of time to do your first fan test! (Late returns are chargeable)
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