Health Problems from Mould


As well as being unsightly, black mould - usually found in the corners of rooms, near windows, or at other "cold spots" - has been linked to a number of health conditions.  If left unchecked, it can cause serious damage, perhaps even structural.  Even if it is regularly treated with a proprietary spray, the spores

What is a flow rate test?

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Perhaps your building inspector has asked for a flow rate test.  Maybe you just want to know whether your home has sufficient airflow to be healthy and meet building regs.  Either way, you need to know what a flow rate test is! A flow rate test, sometimes called an airflow test, extractor fan test or

Why is good ventilation important?


Part F of the building regulations is all about good ventilation – bringing fresh air into a home or workplace in a controlled way, and removing stale air.  Given the focus int eh building regs on making our homes as airtight as possible, this may seem counter-intuitive!  So why is good ventilation important? In workplaces,

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