Health Problems from Mould

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Poor ventilation in the home leads to mould.  Mould is linked to a number of serious health issues. Health Problems from Mould Health problems from exposure to mould in the home include: respiratory problems.  You're more likely to suffer from these if you have mould in your home. respiratory infections, such as colds, chest infections,

Good ventilation: proper prior planning prevents pretty poor performance …

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Ventilation in domestic properties is often added as an afterthought - just stick in a cheap extractor fan at the end of the job.  Much of the time, builders get away with this.  Why?  Because the homeowner doesn't insist on seeing a Flow Rate Test (PEATA) certificate or commissioning notice.  An Flow Rate Test certificate

What is a flow rate test?

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A flow rate test, sometimes called an airflow test, extractor fan test or Part F test, is a test which directly measures the airflow of an extractor fan for Part F compliance. Part F of the Building Regulations requires that air flow rates for all mechanical ventilation systems (i.e. extractor fans) installed in new dwellings

How much ventilation is enough? Or, what size extractor fan do I need?

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Whether you’re building an extension, renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or just want to check the air quality in your family home, you need to know how much ventilation is required. Most rooms in a home won’t require extra ventilation – bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms don’t generate much moisture or smells. Kitchens, bathrooms, and

Why is good ventilation important?

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Part F of the building regulations is all about good ventilation – deliberately bringing fresh air into a home or workplace, and removing stale air. But why is good ventilation important? In workplaces, particularly in manufacturing, the need for adequate ventilation is obvious. Without it, dust, debris, volatile compounds and other pollutants can all build

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