Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certificate – How to Apply for PEATA Registration

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PEATA was formed by industry professionals to educate and support best practice in extraction fan testing. We are the only trade body exclusively supporting professionals like you with training and tools to comply with Part F of the building regulations in the domestic space. Becoming a registered PEATA fan tester will give you the knowledge

What is a Commissioning Notice?

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The 2010 (revised 2013) version of Part F of the building regulations, details the specifications required for extractor fans in domestic premises.  It also specifies when and how to do airflow tests, and that (under most circumstances) a Commissioning Notice is required. A Commissioning Notice, also known as a Part F notice or PEATA Certificate,

Where can I get a free ventilation commissioning certificate? Is that the same as a Part F Commissioning Notice?

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So you need a ventilation commissioning certificate.  Perhaps an airflow test certificate, or Part F Commissioning Notice.  The building inspectors wants one, and the client wants you to make it happen. Luckily, here at PEATA, we try to make your life easier. No-one wants to spend time filling out forms and generating paperwork when they

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