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Good ventilation: proper prior planning prevents pretty poor performance …

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Ventilation in domestic properties is often added as an afterthought - just stick in a cheap extractor fan at the end of the job.  Much of the time, builders get away with this.  Why?  Because the homeowner doesn't insist on seeing a Flow Rate Test (PEATA) certificate or commissioning notice.  An Flow Rate Test certificate

What is a Commissioning Notice?

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A Commissioning Notice, also known as a Part F notice or PEATA Certificate, is a required document for all mechanical ventilation systems “where they can be tested and adjusted”. That means any extractor fan with an adjustable overrun timer, or any other means of adjustment. In new dwellings, a Flow Rate Test is also required

My building inspector wants a Flow Rate test – help!

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Flow Rate tests, also known as Part F tests, PEATA Certificates and Airflow Tests, have been a requirement of the Building Regs since 2010. Building Inspectors are increasingly enforcing this requirement, and insisting on Commissioning Notices and Flow Rate tests. Usually the tests are performed by electricians or building compliance professionals, using specially-calibrated equipment such

Where can I get a free ventilation commissioning certificate? Is that the same as a Part F Commissioning Notice?

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Here at PEATA, we try to make your life easier. No-one wants to spend time filling out forms and generating paperwork when they could be on a job earning money! That’s why we developed our exclusive web app to quickly and easily create ventilation commissioning certificates. (A ventilation commissioning certificate is the same thing as

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