What is a Commissioning Notice?

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The 2010 (revised 2013) version of Part F of the building regulations, details the specifications required for extractor fans in domestic premises.  It also specifies when and how to do airflow tests, and that (under most circumstances) a Commissioning Notice is required. A Commissioning Notice, also known as a Part F notice or PEATA Certificate,

Where can I get a free ventilation commissioning certificate? Is that the same as a Part F Commissioning Notice?

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So you need a ventilation commissioning certificate.  Perhaps an airflow test certificate, or Part F Commissioning Notice.  The building inspectors wants one, and the client wants you to make it happen. Luckily, here at PEATA, we try to make your life easier. No-one wants to spend time filling out forms and generating paperwork when they

Part F of the Building Regulations – Searchable HTML Version

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The canonical version of Part F of the Building Regulations is available to download from the gov.uk website here. Here at PEATA, we've uploaded a searchable HTML version which we think is more usable. It's available for free below. Don’t forget we’ve got a fast jargon-free course which covers everything you need to know about

Part F of the Building Regulations

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What is Part F? The latest version of Part F of the Building Regulations is - at the time of writing - the 2010 version, plus the 2013 amendments.  This replaces the 2006 edition.  Part F of the Building Regulations is concerned with ventilation - removing stale air and supplying fresh air. As with all

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