PEATA Benefits

With increased enforcement of the Part F requirements to test new extraction systems, fan installers and others are being required to certify compliance and fan airflow rates.

PEATA members have access to our comprehensive online training course, helping them to quickly and effectively become familiar with all aspects of the building regulations. We’ll help you through the web-based competency assessment to become a PEATA – registered tester, giving you the knowledge and confidence to offer Part F compliance testing of fan installs and provide airflow test certification to Building Control Bodies, clients and contractors.

Being PEATA registered not only provides assurance to specifiers, clients and Building Inspectors, but also provides a whole host of other benefits, including:

  • Immediate pass/fail feedback when entering fan airflow test results
  • Checklists for easy commissioning and certification of each type of domestic extraction system – including Intermittent Fans (system 1), PSV (system 2), CMEV (system 3), and MVHR / SRVHR (system 4)
  • Easily create professional fan test certificates
  • Email test certificates to clients, contractors and Building Inspectors.
  • Annual test equipment calibration reminders by UKAS-accredited laboratories – don’t get caught out!
  • Manage multiple test engineers at your company under a single registration
  • Add Part F testing to your existing income stream