This space-age extractor fan has a swirly shutter that slowly opens when you turn it on. It’s kind of mesmerising, and this is probably why it has the highest price tag of any of the fans we’ve tested so far!

When we did the flow rate test, it performed really well – measuring 18 l/s on the minimum benchmark method. It doesn’t need a backdraft preventer, but even when we fitted one it still performed well. An excellent luxury option, with added novelty value!

Note that this doesn’t mean you don’t need to do your own flow rate tests. The ducting, grills and other factors will all affect how an extractor fan performs once you’ve installed it. This is why Part F mandates a compulsory on-site flow rate test. They’re not hard to do – our online course (free to PEATA members) covers everything you need to know.

Icon ECO15 on the flow rate test rig