Part F of the Building Regulations

What is Part F?

Part F of the Building Regulations is concerned with ventilation – removing stale air and supplying fresh air. The latest version at the time of writing is the 2010 version, which replaced the 2006 edition and incorporates amendments made in 2010 and 2013. As with all the building regulation parts, it’s a pretty lengthy and dense document – definitely not light bedtime reading!  Plus, much of it won’t be relevant to most of you – for instance, if you mainly work in commercial buildings, then the section on “ventilation in new dwellings” won’t be much use!  However, it is the definitive resource for what is required (and what is not allowed) with regard to ventilation in dwellings in the UK.

If you do work on residential projects – maybe installing bathroom extractor fans or cooker hoods – then the PEATA online course is the fastest and easiest way to get the information you need to keep the Building Inspector happy.  We’ve cut out the jargon and made it simple to understand, and our short, to-the-point training videos give you the relevant, practical information you need – without reading hundreds of pages of The Regs!

Main Changes

The main changes that the latest amendments to Part F of the Building Regulations introduce are to do with testing and commissioning:

  • All “fixed mechanical ventilation systems” – i.e., every extractor fan – must be commissioned. Importantly, a Commissioning Notice (usually called a Commissioning Certificate or PEATA Certificate) must be given to the Building Control Body – your building inspector (or Approved Inspector).  That’s right – every extractor fan needs a Commissioning Notice.
  • All “mechanical ventilation systems installed in new dwellings” – i.e. every extractor fan in new-builds, barn conversions, conversions from commercial to residential – need a flow rate test done.
  • There are also changes to the technical guidance for ventilation and extractor fan requirements for refurbishments of existing kitchens and bathrooms
  • … as well as changes to passive stack ventilation guidance, wetrooms, and houses with airtightness < 5m3/h.m2 @ 50Pa

Where to get it

Part F of the Building Regulations - Page 1You can get a full copy of Part F of the Building Regulations either:

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