Why is good ventilation important?

Part F of the building regulations is all about good ventilation – deliberately bringing fresh air into a home or workplace, and removing stale air. But why is good ventilation important?

In workplaces, particularly in manufacturing, the need for adequate ventilation is obvious. Without it, dust, debris, volatile compounds and other pollutants can all build up, causing long-term damage to the health of employees. But what about in the home?

Ventilation in the home

The home is where we spend much of our time, and we usually associate the smells there with comfort. The smells of home cooking, of fresh laundry, perhaps the scent of candles or a luxurious bubble bath, can all be powerful reminders of home. But these smells are only pleasant when they’re fresh – the smell of yesterday’s chips lingering on the sofa isn’t great! This is one of the important reasons why we need ventilation – to extract everyday smells to the outside, before they can cling to walls and soft furnishings. But this isn’t the most important reason:

Humidity in the home

Plasterboard and timber can rot if left damp.
As humans, we create a lot of moisture in the air just by breathing. You only need to sit in a car on a cold day to see that! As Britons, we also add a lot of moisture from boiling the kettle! This moisture builds up in our home, and in a well-designed home with good ventilation this isn’t a problem. However, when added to the steam from a hot bath or a pan of boiling pasta, this can rapidly become a problem.
Black mould is caused by high humidity and lack of ventilation
Condensation can form on walls and windows, and if left unchecked this can cause rot and mould. Timber and plasterboard can rot if they are left damp for long, leading to maintenance problems. Mould is known to cause long-term health issues, such as asthma and other respiratory problems. So controlling humidity in the home through good ventilation is important.

Ensuring good ventilation

The first question you need to ask is “how much ventilation do I need?” This is covered in our article here – “How much ventilation is enough?”.

The second question to ask is “do I have enough ventilation already?” We’ve written about this here – “How do I tell if I have enough ventilation?

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