Flow Rate Test – IFLO 100mm Bathroom Extractor Review

Travis Perkins is one of the largest builders merchants in the UK, trading under at least 20 brand names – Wickes, Tile Giant, PTS, and many others are all owned by them. IFLO is their own-brand range of plumbing gear – including the 100mm bathroom extractor we put on the test bench for our review this week. The results were disappointing.  Although the fan is advertised at 23 l/s, once we put a gravity vent backdraft preventer on it, our flow rate test only measured just over 9 l/s. This is nowhere near enough for Part F compliance – your building inspector won’t allow this to stand.  This is why on-site extractor fan tests are so important – the advertised airflow is often completely different to how it performs in real-world conditions.

We’ve written to Travis Perkins for their comments, and will report our findings here.

Travis Perkins IFLO Fan Airflow Test Review

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