Flow Rate Test – XPelair VX100 Bathroom Extractor Fan Review

Xpelair come highly recommended by electricians on a couple of well-known forums.  XPelair is a big name in extractor fans – the VX100 is their budget model.

The price point is reflected in the design.  It’s a pretty chunky, unattractive box – you’d only want to install this one somewhere it wouldn’t be noticeable.  It’s also pretty noisy.

Without the backdraft preventer, the flow rate test shows a very creditable 21 l/s.  However, once you test this under real-world conditions, where a gravity vent (or similar) is compulsory, it’s a very different picture.

The XPelair VX100 does scrape a pass in our Part F flow rate test, but there are definitely better and more powerful fans out there for the same money.  We’d recommend steering clear of this.

Once again, we’ve found that even big-name brands don’t live up to their advertised flow rates in real-world conditions.  Airflow tests are compulsory for new dwellings for a reason – and they’re good to do on every extractor fan you install.

XPelair VX100 - noisy, ugly, and barely powerful enough for the flow rate test

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